Back in November 2016, one of our Marketing Executives whisked away to the tropical island of Kuramathi, to get a real insight into what a holiday on the island really looks like. From staying in a two-bedroom beach house, to getting a sneak peak into the villas and around the resort, find out everything you need to know before booking your island getaway to Kuramathi Island Resort.

speed boat ride - kuramathi island resort

The exciting moment you get Kuramathi Island Resort from the speedboat ride from Male 


Kuramathi Island Resort is very big, to get around you can use the buggy stop to hail a ride to and from each end of the island and anywhere in between. Although the island is big and homes a lot of guests, you couldn’t really tell, as you don’t see many people and beaches are secluded. The sandbank is one of Kuramathi’s unique features, and as you can see from the photo below, it’s just as secluded as the beaches, so you can enjoy quiet time whether your on your honeymoon or with the family.

sandbank - kuramathi island resort

Families will love the Two Bedroom Beach Houses, with its two-level living spaces; each level has its own bathroom with outdoor and indoor shower and a terrace and balcony offering some stunning views of the Ocean and the water villas. The stretch of beach is right at your doorstep, and the bungalows are all private with trees dotted on the beach.

view from bungalow - kuramathi island resort

View from the bottom floor of the Two-Bedroom Bungalow

If there’s one thing not to miss out from visiting Kuramathi Island Resort, it has to be the abundance of restaurants and bars this idyllic island has to offer its guests. As dusk hits the island, Kuramathi transforms into a lively social hub with many forms of entertainment waiting to be had. From open-air cinema screenings on the beach, to live music in Laguna bar where the ambience really comes alive and for a moment you forget you’re on a secluded island in the Indian Ocean.

laguna bar - kuramathi island resort

This impressive island is 1.1 miles in length and occupies some extraordinary natural spaces. Expect a tropical rainforest feel around the resort, including a 300-year old Banyan Tree! Kuramathi Island also makes its own vegetables in its own garden grown lettuce and herbs, without the use of soil.

banyan tree - kuramathi island resort

Luckily enough to see inside the Water Villas with Pool, you’ll have direct access to the Ocean as well as a stunning bathroom with Ocean view from your bathtub. The room is open plan with options to make is more secluded and the sun deck is very spacious for two people.

water villa with pool- kuramathi island resort

For sublime panoramic views while you eat, we suggest booking a table at The Reef, which is poised over the ocean and offers floor-to-ceiling windows, which can completely open out so you can feel the lush Ocean breeze when temperatures get much hotter.

restaurant- kuramathi island resort


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